Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Adventure to Coton

   This is the recounting of the day in which we walked seven miles, picnicked, & got throughly lost. Oh. And I had the time of my life.
   This past Saturday we traipsed out to the village of Coton with our new friends Peter, Zuzana, & baby Andrew. It was about a two mile walk, so we went prepared for all weather types & took a picnic lunch to eat once we got there.
   The walk out there was lovely. The weather was perfect with just a hint of cool. We never walked for more than a quarter of a mile with the same kind of scenery. For a while the path ran along a wheat field, then it went through some woods, then a lot of over grown brush, then a cow field, etcetera.

   In several places we found huge bushes of wild blackberries! We picked some to snack on and though many of them were rather tart, some of them were sweet. So (as mum likes to say) we ate blackberries from the hedgerows! =D

   The village of Coton is not very big, & there wasn't anything extra special about it. We mostly enjoyed it because of the journey it took to get there (&, as you will see, to get back)!

Zuzana & I took lots of pictures!

   We picnicked by the church. We had a lovely spread of things, including sandwiches, crisps (chips), raspberries, avocados, olives, & chocolate swirl Slovakian bread (thanks Zuzana)! 

   After we finished lunch we began the trip home. On our way to the church we had noticed a footpath that lead from Coton to Newnham (which is very close to Tyndale House). We decided to try it out. Well, it ended up being quite the adventure, to say the least!

   The path was very narrow at times. Like, really narrow. And Andrew's stroller had to be lifted over several fences before it was all said and done.

We saw lamas!!! =D They made me sooo happy . . .

This is my favorite picture from the day. =)

   About half way through the trip home there was a branch in the road. I thought we should go right because both the arrows on the post pointed right, but everyone else thought we should go left because that would take us back over the highway. We went left & . . . got lost. I'm not saying that was where we went wrong, but that was where we went wrong. We ended up going through cow fields, wheat fields, & many other random fields. But I had the time of my life!

Photo Credit: Dad

For posterity's sake Zuzana & I had to snap a picture of this. In Peter's defense, they did this about five or six times.

  The worst part was when we had to climb over a fence into a bunch of stinging nettles & up a knoll to get to the road. Thankfully we all made it and soon realized we were very close to home! 

Photo Credit: Zuzana
Photo Credit: Dad

   As soon as we got home it started raining! We all settled down to rest & drink hot chocolate, & I watched Downton Abbey. We walked seven miles in all, so we had earned it. It was a perfect Saturday!

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