Monday, October 28, 2013

A is for Apples (lots & lots of Apples)

   Yesterday was Apple Day at the Botanical Gardens! It was very windy & a bit chilly, but the sun was (thankfully) shining and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!

   For Apple Day there were two big tents set up. One was an apple tasting tent with over twenty-eight different kind of apples to try! Another tent had hundreds of apple varieties on display along with apple goodies to buy.

The most interesting apple I tasted was the Pitmaston Pineapple. It really did taste like pineapple! And I just realized that "pineapple" has "apple" in it. Woah. So I suppose this Pitmaston Pineapple is more of a pineapple than an actually pineapple is! (Did anyone follow that?)

There was even a Sleeping Beauty apple! It wasn't available for tasting, but I'd imagine it would be softly sweet.

   After we were full of apples we wandered around the Gardens. The sun was shining & the were leaves turning all shades of red. I happily strolled through the trees & over bridges snapping pictures.

You know, stairs are always exciting. Who knows what's on the other side? 

I thought it would make an interesting Alice in Wonderland story if there was a magic tree that was cut down & the hole to Wonderland was inside it. (I checked this one but it was only a foot deep. *Sigh*)

"I think it's a coot!"

   Autumn is here! The vibrant red & yellow leaves float down from trees & cover walkways. I'm always amazed at how God created nature to make such beauty as it goes to sleep for the winter. 


  1. I think Autumn in England is delicious.

    Kind of like apples.
    Crisp, Colorful.... Delicious.

    Although, I don't get the "coot" reference. It sounds intriguing. :)

  2. I think so too Em. Quite delicious.
    And no one but my family will get the "coot' reference. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.