Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Macaroons & Dauphinoise

   We really do eat healthy. Mum is so good at making delicious & nutritious meals for us. The problems come when want to make things. Because I like sugar. And cream. 
   So all the things I make & post on here are not the healthiest things to eat. But they are the tastiest. Here are two new recipes I've found!

   A few weeks ago I went over to a friends house to watch The Great British Bake Off finale! I figured since it was a bake off finale we needed a treat to munch on. Enter the first recipe: coconut macaroons. I used this recipe {here} and they turned out beautifully! I definitely want to make them again. I suppose that's the problem with scrummy deserts. You want to make them again. *Sigh*

   Last week we had some friends over for a wonderful dinner with lots of veg! I wanted to make something for it & we had lots of fresh potatoes. Enter the second recipe: cheesy dauphinoise (basically, potatoes baked with cream & cheese). I roughly followed this recipe {here}, but made a few changes.
   Firstly, I used gruyere cheese instead of cheddar.
   Secondly, instead of heating the cream first, I simply mixed all the ingredients in a bowl (except for half the cheese), poured everything in a baking dish (sprinkling rest of cheese on top), & baked for an hour & fifteen minutes.
   The result? Creamy divineness.

   A word on double cream. We do not have double cream in America. It is one of the things I will miss most when we go back home. It is so thick you can almost stand a fork up in it. Almost. You see in the picture above how it looks like the dauphinoise is dripping with butter? There's not a teaspoon of butter in there, it's just double cream. Mmmmmmm...

   So there are two divinely delicious recipes that you absolutely must try. I'm sorry. Do you have a favorite recipe that is so unhealthy but so worth it?

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