Friday, October 11, 2013

My Cheery Abode

   I love decorating. Before we even got to Cambridge I was dreaming up ideas of how to decorate my room to make it happy. I've done a lot to it since I last wrote about it here. I'm quite please with how it's turned out! 

   I've mentioned a couple of times how I was sewing a bunting. Well I'm pleased to say I finally finished it this past Monday! It's been in the works for like, three months. In my defense, I sewed it all by hand. This is no wimpy bunting either, I'll be able to take it home with me. It was a labor of love, but worth it. It adds so much lovely color! 
   One of the reasons why I wanted to sew a bunting was because it would be a cheap & easy way to add lots of color! Well it turned out to be neither cheap or easy, but it was worth it in the end.

   Another new addition to my room is my Favorite Things wall! I'm hanging photos, cards, & anything I find inspirational or cute there. This project was much easier and cheaper than my bunting (no offense bunting). All you need are:
  • A few thumbtacks
  • Some string
  • Mini clothespins
  • Stuff to hang up! 
   It makes me so happy. I plan on adding another string & changing out the cards & photos often.

   Also, my seriously awesome dad bought me this beautiful comforter! It's pretty much my favorite. I'll be able to take it back home too, since it's just a duvet cover.

   Aaaaaand he also bought me twinkle lights! You remember my sob story about my twinkle lights I brought from home & burned up? Yeah, well dad was sweet & got me some new ones. (I'm slightly obsessed with twinkle lights, in case you haven't figured that out.) 

I have seriously awesome friends who send me owl post and hedgehog cards. Mah fave. 

Flowers are always a good idea. Especially zinnias. 

   I'm super happy how cheery my room looks now! Doing DIY projects is my fave. Here are a few other DIYs I'm thinking about trying out!

   Are there any brilliant decorating DIY projects that you've done in the past or are dying to try out? 

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  1. Your room is so cute. I love walking by and looking in. It always makes me smile :)