Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm in love . . . with BBC

   It's no secret that I adore the British Broadcasting Corporation. I thought I'd share my all time favorite shows & miniseries with you! Enjoy!

Doctor Who

   Oh how I love this show. I can't even put it into words how much I love it. I now have the difficult/impossible job every Whovian faces of trying to explain it in a few sentences. Saying it's about an alien that travels around and saves planets doesn't even scratch the surface of Gallifrey. It's about friendship, loyalty, love, loss, courage, & pain. And epic awesomeness. 

   If you don't know anything about Doctor Who, here's a brief overview (emphasis on brief). The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels through all of time & space in his time machine called the TARDIS. He gets lonely so he has companions that go on adventures with him. When The Doctor is mortally wounded he regenerates by changing every atom in his body. New face & personality, but same Doctor. Right now it's the 11th Doctor that's flying around saving the universe.

   Yes, there are some really cheesy episodes with bad CGI & a weird plot. But the further you get in the series the fewer and farther between those cheesy episodes become till they are pretty much nonexistent. Series 6 & 7 pretty much blow my mind every time I think about them.  

   Really it comes down to the characters. They are so deep & complex & you love them so much! You laugh with them & cry with them. Seriously. Lots of crying. But it's worth it. 

   The 50th anniversary special is on November 23rd. And I. Can. Not. Wait. It's going to be so epic I just . . .  I can't . . . I . . . yeah. (Sorry, that's my only fangirl moment in this whole post.)

   If you want to give Doctor Who a go I can't recommend it enough!


   Another epic BBC show. It is exceptionally well done! It's Sherlock set in modern times. With most old books making a "modern" TV show of  it would ruin it at best. But not so with this! The writers have brilliantly managed to weave things like technology into Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. And quite simply, Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible as Sherlock. He is Sherlock. At the moment all Sherlockians are freaking out because Season 3 has an air date. After two years we will finally, finally learn what happened!

Great British Bake Off

   Okay, complete change of genera. Baking. But seriously guys, this show is so much fun! It's not like American contest shows where everything is hectic & critics are harsh. Everyone is friendly & it's just good fun! The finale about a week ago & I'm so sad it's over!

Pride and Prejudice

   This is the only film version of Pride & Prejudice that my family acknowledges. It's exceptionally well done & captures the book perfectly. If you haven't seen this yet, you must watch it!


   I struggle to decide which is my favorite Austen story, Pride & Prejudice or Emma? I identify with Emma a lot, so she helps me see my strengths & weaknesses. I will say that I do not struggle with matchmaking. Anyway, this BBC version is lovely & the actors are perfect for their roles!  

Little Dorrit

   If you're in the mood for a dark Dickens tale Little Dorrit is an excellent choice. Dickens is a master of complex plots. This one features a stedfast heroine, a vile villain, a sweet love story, some laughs, & lots of people you just want to punch in the face. He's especially good at making those last characters. But that's part of what makes this a great watch!


   This miniseries is set in the village of Cranford & follows the lives of it's residence. It's a sweet story about love, loss, & the struggle of everyday life. You grow very attached to the characters & long for everyone's story to have a happy ending.

   So there you have it! These are just some of my favorite things produced by BBC. It's amazing how stories can capture your soul. To BBC: thank you.

   Do you love BBC as much as I do? Have I left off your favorite show or miniseries? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I will mention that I'm also a Downton Abbey fan! But even though it is a British show it is not made by BBC, so I didn't include it in this post.

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