Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cambridge Rest

   After our London trip we spent a restful Sunday & Monday in Cambridge. We took my aunt & uncle to our church Sunday morning & then traipsed to the market for some shopping. That evening mum prepared an extra lovely Sabbath Tea.

Photo Credit: Dad
   Monday was a balance of resting & touring. As in, I did the resting, they did the touring. =) I was a bit tired & had some school to accomplish. But then that evening we went punting! It's so fun to sit in a boat & watch the scenery glide by.
   I got some great pictures of Cambridge over these two days. Most of them are from the the boat ride, but a few are from our ramblings on land. 


   We had a great time showing off our beloved Cambridge for two days. Then our real adventures began when we journeyed to York the next day!

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