Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tea & Trains (York)

   Early Tuesday morning we left Cambridge for the city of York. Two of my four favorite experiences from the whole trip happened on this lovely day.
   The first of these favorite experiences was our train ride to York. It was about four hours long, so we were able to settle in and enjoy the ride. We got Yorkshire Gold tea & shortbread when the tea trolly came by. (I've always been partial to fruity herbal teas, but I've made myself acquire a taste for black tea since I am in England.) I knitted on my fingerless gloves & daydreamed most of the trip. Train travel is my favorite, it's like a relaxed version of flying. And you get to view pretty scenery.
Photo Credit: Dad

   Once we arrived in York we went to Bettys for tea! This was the other favorite experience of the day. Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms was established in 1919 & is world renowned. The food was excellent & the setting charming. If you ever get a chance to visit York you must visit Bettys!

I ate French Toast with bacon! The fluffy toast & savory bacon was a delicious combination.

Dad had a cheese & potato Rosti with eggs, bacon, & the best mushrooms ever (I know, I tried them). He hasn't quit talking about his Rosti for the past week . . .

Aunt Kim got the traditional Afternoon Tea, which must have been good since she ate almost all of it herself. =)

There was also a shop in Bettys, which was simply delightful to browse. Mum spent a good portion of her saved Birthday money on a tea book, a bag, a mug, & (of course) tea!

Their autumn window display was just too pretty not to attempt some pictures! If you can't tell, those are leaf & macaroon garlands hanging up. 

   The rest of the day we spent shopping & sightseeing around York. There is a really old section of the city called The Shambles which is now an ally of shops. Back in the medieval times it was the street where the butchers sold their meat. 

   We also admired the York Minster, a massive & intricate cathedral. In the evening, when we were walking around the medieval wall that still goes around part of the city, the Minster's bells started ringing. It was beautiful to listen to & the songs went on for a good hour.

This is a column that the Romans built when they occupied the area that is now York!

   Overall this first day in York was one of my favorites from the whole trip! A delightful blend of shopping, tea, rest, history, & delicious food!

P.S. I had the most shocking realization at the end of the day. I realized where New York got its name. 

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