Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Scottish Countryside (St. Andrews Part II)

   The place we stayed on our first few days in Scotland was actually right outside of St. Andrews in Dundee. We drove through beautiful Scottish countryside to get to our lovely B & B. Dad went for a walk that evening and came back with some stunning sunset pictures!

   September 5th was full of traveling all over the Scottish countryside. We had one of our favorite meals at the cutest farm shop in Dundee! It was cozy, they had excellent food, & we had the best time exploring the shop after lunch. Aunt Kim & Mum bought various food goodies & I bought some chocolate (of course).

   That afternoon we went shopping in St. Andrews. It was rather cold again, so I stayed in a book store while everyone else went to view the St. Andrews castle ruins. I wish I could have gone, but I was still feeling poorly, so I knew all the wind & cold wouldn't be the best.
   I rejoined them for hot drinks after they were done exploring. We went to the cafe where Kate Middleton met Prince William for coffee! How cute is that?! They are properly proud of their adorable couple here in Britain!  

   We enjoyed the farm shop so much that we went back to their Steak Barn for supper! It was such a unique place, there were these huge crates stacked up for walls, which gave it an outside-but-inside feel. The food was excellent (again) & we had a absolutely delightful waitress. If you ever make it to Dundee you should visit the Balgove Larder Farm Shop!

   We explored one other place that afternoon, which was another one of my four favorite events from the trip. I got lots of pictures, so it's getting it's own post. Stay tuned!   

 P.S. All pics in this post were taken by dad (except the last one, since he's in it). =)

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