Monday, September 9, 2013

Westminster Abbey (London Part II)

   On our Second day in London (August 31st) we visited Westminster Abbey. It's a majestic church full of hundreds of years of history. Many of England's kings, queens, & other national figures are buried in the Abbey including Elizabeth I, William Wilberforce, Charles Darwin & Geoffrey Chaucer. Construction on Westminster started in 1245. It's over 750 years old! It's also where William & Kate tied the knot two years ago!

  There were so many parts of this great Abbey to look at, from the soaring architecture to the hundreds of statues & memorials. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take pictures inside the Abbey, so all I have to show you are a few from the outside. Cameras can never capture the grandeur such buildings.

   We also got to walk around parts of London that we'd passed quickly the day before on the bus. Big Ben & the London Eye! Of course we had to have a mini photo session. 

   We enjoyed London, but when the day was done we were ready to leave the hustle & bustle of the city & go to peaceful Cambridge. So we hopped on a train & enjoyed the hour ride back to Cambridgeshire. Over the next two days my parents & I delighted in showing off our beautiful city to my aunt & uncle!

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