Sunday, July 21, 2013

Further Up & Further In (Oxford Part I)

   Well, I'm finally back in Cambridge! This last week we saw some wonderful things, but I'm so glad to be settling into our flat. No more living out of a suitcase for me! (At least for a few weeks...) 

   Sorry I haven't kept you updated. We did so much seeing, walking, & exploring last week that by the evenings the only thing I felt up to was Pinterest. =) But I'll get you caught up now!
   My next four posts will be rather large, with lots of pictures. The first two (including this one) will be of our two days in Oxford, & the last two will be of our two days in the Cotswalds. Once I've written those I'll do a three part miniseries about Tyndale house, where I'm living now. =)

   Our first full day in Oxford was this past Monday, July 15th. In the morning we went to hear two lectures at the C.S. Lewis conference, which was quite interesting. Then after lunch we went to explore the city.

All lampposts will forever remind me of the lamppost. =) 
The Radcliffe Camera, which means "room" in Latin. I don't know why Mr. Radcliffe named it that, seems rather unoriginal if you ask me.

This is actually where they filmed the hospital scenes in the Harry Potter films!

   In the evening the Ellis family had us over for supper. Mr. Nick & Ms. Laura Lee graduated from Union several years ago & now they have a family. They've been living in Oxford for the past three or so years as Mr. Nick finishes his Ph.D.

   On our way out to their house we got to visit J. R. R. Tolkien's grave. I feel so honored to have been able to visit. Many people have left tokens of gratitude to the man who created the Lord of the Rings.

   After a lovely supper & talk, we all went for a stroll. They live in the little village Wolvercote, just outside Oxford. It was so picturesque & I obsessively snapped pictures.

Little Grace

Photo Credit: Dad

   Thank you Ellises for a lovely evening! 

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