Monday, July 29, 2013

Tyndale House Proper

   This is the second post of my three-part miniseries on Tyndale House! Now I'll show you Tyndale House Proper. 

   Now, just to be clear, when I say "proper", all I mean is the main building. The library is connected to the main building & there is also a line of flats across the garden. All of these buildings can be referred to as Tyndale House, so when I say "proper" I simply mean the main house.

When you enter the front door you'll pass through a short hall & by the reception office. Then you'll be in the foyer. To the left are stairs leading up to the flats on that side of the house & a hall leading to the library. 

A bit to the right is the doorway to the common room (the door with light coming through it).

This is the room where they have tea everyday at 11:00 in the morning & 4:00 in the afternoon. It's a time for everyone to take a break from their work & enjoy conversing with their fellow writers.

If you continue through the common room and out the back door you'll be on the back porch which overlooks the garden. It's a lovely little porch & we like to have tea out there on pretty days.   

There is a sign out there that says "1908", so we're assuming that means Tyndale House Proper was built then. It's such a young building. =)

The left & middle windows of the third floor are ours. Hi! =)

Starting from the foyer again, the main office, the residents kitchen, & the stairs to our flat are on the right.

The residents kitchen (the right door in the picture above) is great if you need to borrow certain dishes or pans. You can also bake or cook in there if you need the extra room.  

If you go back out the kitchen door, the stairs to our flat are on the left. Three floors up. Did I mention we're getting really fit here?

On the second floor are Flats Seven & Eight. When we lived here back in 2005 we lived in Flat Eight. It was a lovely flat. This time we live right above it.  

And as you've already seen, on the third floor is Cloud Nine! We have a wonderful little landing where we can hang our coats. 

This is the view from our door, we have a big window that lets in lots of light!

   And that's Tyndale House Proper! As much as we love where we're living what really makes Tyndale House special is the community that lives here. 
   Tonight a sweet young couple invited us to their "purging party". They are leaving Tyndale in a month & they wanted to get rid some of their stuff. So they had some friends over for burgers & then let everyone choose what they wanted. It was like a garage sale, except all of it was free! Mom got a lot of baking pans & I got a lot of stuff to decorate my room. =) We are so thankful for their generosity! It was also great to meet some of their friends. We had a lovely evening. 

Their little boy Asher is the sweetest!!!

We are so thankful to be here!

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