Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Garden

   This is the third & final post of my miniseries on Tyndale House! Let's explore the garden, shall we? 

Directly across form the back porch are the other Tyndale House apartments (as mentioned in yesterdays post).  

There are three main areas in the garden. We'll look at the left side first.

Little white tents for sunny days.

The bike shed.

The library where dad is doing his research.

There is also a little row of trees & such near the back porch.

A round tree bench.

Down the center of the garden is a row of flowers, veg, & herbs.

Mom's favorite rosemary bush!

The right side of the garden has a table, clothes line, grill, & lots of lovely herbs.


Lots of things are blooming brightly since it's summer.

   I love the garden area. When we were here back in 2005 it was winter so everything was dead. It is so fun to see everything green & blooming. 
   Everyone at Tyndale is encouraged to help with the garden. I think I'll see if they want me to help with the herbs. Mint, rosemary, & lavender all smell so wonderful!
   Do you have a certain plant you like to grow? Flowers, veg, herbs, or fruit? 

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