Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We're Off!

   The adventure's begun! We've completed the first leg of our journey & now we're in Chicago for the rest of the day. We'll take off for London in the morning!

All my bags!
Photo Credit: Mom

   Yesterday, after a long day of cleaning the house & packing, I finally got to bed at midnight. Then I got up at 4:00 AM. Fun times. We loaded up the car, drove to Memphis, & said goodbye to Joshua. I’m going to miss him terriblyOur flight went well, & we landed without mishap. Now we're in our hotel room getting some much needed rest, we're exhausted from preparing for the trip!

  We all got to pack one large suitcase, one small suitcase, & a backpack. Then there's an extra suitcase that mom & dad are sharing, & mom & I have our purses. So we're loaded down, but we managed to fit everything we need in them. I’m proud to say I had two pounds to spare on my large suitcase!

Pretty pink toes for travel.

   We’ve been planning this trip for so long, about three years. Now that it’s here I don’t know what to think. I can’t quite comprehend the fact that I’m leaving now & will be gone for six months. Every now & then it just hits me & I’ll think, “Wait, what?” 

Mom and Dad on the plane.

   I’ve gone through so many phases about how I feel towards this trip.

When we first started planning the trip three years ago: “So cool!”
A year later: “Wait, that will be my Senior year. I don’t want to go!”
Another year later: “I can’t wait to get away and have an adventure!”
Two months ago: “I don’t want to leave my friends, but I want an adventure. I’m so confused!”
A week ago: “No, no, no!”
Now that I’m off: “Yay!!!”

   I’ll probably go through more ups and downs, but I know this is God's plan for me. So I can rest in the fact that no matter how homesick I get, God is using my time in England for my good and the glory of his kingdom. And that's okay by me!

   I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. I'll be following your blog over the coming months, Anna! Also, I'm loving the red bows on your suitcases. Very nice touch. Have fun in Chicago!

    1. Thanks Gracie! And yes, I rather like the bows myself. They make the bags easy to spot and cute!

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  3. This is adorable! I'm so glad to have this to keep up with ya'll and to be in England vicariously :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I love hearing from you guys sooo much!