Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No More Iced Drinks

   We’ve been in England for a full week now, enjoying the sights, sounds, & . . . the heat? No, no, I can’t say we’ve been enjoying that bit. You see, the normal temperature for Cambridge in the summer is around 66 to 72 degrees. We used to smile when we heard of Brits complaining about a heat wave (a.k.a. 78 degrees) since we are used to upper 90's and 100's during the summer (with awful humidity thrown in). Now we’re here & they’re experiencing the hottest weather they’ve had in years. It’s only about 85 degrees, but . . . we’re so hot! We’ve finally realized why they think 78 is hot: no one has air conditioning. Like, no one. A few of the big stores & cars have it (including our new rental car, hallelujah), but that’s it. And they're on a level three heat alert.

   It’s quite cool in the mornings, & even at the hottest times of the day it’s normally pleasant in the shade. But the sun is very intense. And you walk almost everywhere, so you’re in it a lot. But even then you sometimes have this hint-of-cool breeze. Where it gets bad is in a room, any room. A restaurant, a church packed with people, a hotel room on the third floor. It’s not so much that it’s hot, but that it’s stifling. But we’re making it. We have fans in our rooms that blow on us all night & we sleep without blankets. Not even a sheet. I’m the kind of girl who loves the weight of many blankets on me as I sleep. But I suppose it hasn’t been a problem like I thought it would. Although I will say I don't think I've ever had to put on deodorant to go to bed before . . .

   We’ve overheard some very funny things the Brits have said about the heat though. We’ve kept a list.

  • “. . . slather myself in deodorant.” (Said with a British accent, /dēˈōdəraunt/)

  • “. . . they say you’re supposed to drink lots of water and wear a hat . . .”

  • A  coffee shop in a big book store had a sign that said, “No more iced drinks”.

  • We were in a cafe & a light that was in the deli case fell down. Mom told a girl about it, & she replied, “Thank you, it’s the heat!”

   There is one up side to all this sun though, guess who’s finally got a tan line?! This girl! =D 

P.S. I have three full days to get you caught up on! So many pictures coming! Here’s a taste . . .


  1. Whoa! A tan line?! I'm so happy for you. :P May I also just say that I love reading your blog entries. You are a good writer. I can see you pursuing a degree in that some day. :D