Sunday, July 14, 2013


   We made the transition from Cambridge to Oxford today! We did a ton of walking. Not that we walked from Cambridge, we road the bus for three and a half hours. But once we got to Oxford, we did a ton of walking. In the sun. And the (surprising) heat. With our suitcases. For forty-five minutes. But we made it to our hotel, and that's what counts. I suppose. 

We saw our first swan of this trip today! Swans just seem to radiate elegance.

I got a chocolate-strawberry-almond-whipped-cream crepe for supper. It was bigger than I expected. 

   But most importantly, tonight we went to a worship service at Saint Aldates Church. It was wonderful. I really missed Northbrook this morning, I'm tearing up just thinking about you all. But God has blessed me so much more abundantly than I deserve. It was so wonderful, after five days of seeing almost all strangers, to be amongst the body of Christ. We sang at the top of our lungs, listened to a short sermon, and were renewed. We are greatly blessed. 
   To all my Northbrook friends, I love you and miss you! Have a blessed Sunday.

P.S. All photo credit in this post goes to my dad! 


  1. so glad you got to go to the worship service! I missed you so much! love you girlie