Monday, July 22, 2013

The Village of Lacock (The Cotswolds Part I)

   I attempted to write a blog post about our whole first day in the Cotswolds, but I simply couldn't do it. To many good pictures. =) So I will write two posts about our first day, and quite possibly two more about our second. 

   On Wednesday, July 17th, we got up early & went to one last C. S. Lewis lecture (which was really a panel discussion). Then we got in our rental car and drove off to the Cotswolds! Yes, dad was driving & yes, mom was nervous. But they both did very well with their respective roles and we all ended up enjoying the drive. Hallelujah for the air conditioning in our car!

   We reached the lovely village of Lacock around midday. This is the village where BBC has filmed many of their period pieces: Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, etcetera . . . It was so fun to be like, "Look, that's the window the Bennet girls looked at in the village!"

Mom outside of Miss Mattie's house (from Cranford)!

Photo Credit: Dad


   At the end of the village road we came to King John's Hunting Lodge Tea Room. The building it's in literally used to be King John's hunting lodge, back in the 1200's. It's also the house of the sweet old lady who runs the tea room, so her house is 800 years old!

Our beautiful & refreshing lunch!

   When dad was buying some jelly after our lunch, he started talking with the lady who owns the tea room, Ms. Margret. Then she came out to talk with mom & me! She was so sweet & called everyone "dear" or "love". She told us about owning the tea shop & of the different people she's had tea with when they came to film in the village. Collin Firth & Daniel Radcliffe were just a few of them! Then she took us inside her house & signed a tea book, for mom, that she wrote. We chatted for several minutes & had the most delightful time. Mom was about to die from happiness, I think. And it turns out Margret is a believer, which is extra wonderful!

Photo Credit: Dad

   Our talk with Ms. Margret is one of our favorite parts of our trip so far! It was just lovely.


  1. This post is delightful. I think it shows the level of my nerd-dom when I got more excited about the set of Cranford than the tea room where Daniel Radcliffe once sat. :)